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George Frederic Handel

Cambridge Handel Opera was founded by Andrew Jones in 1985 with the intention of presenting fully-staged productions of Handel's operas in English, and performed in a style that respects the composer's intentions and expectations in both the musical and the visual aspects of the production.

Until 2013, our productions took place every two years in the West Road Concert Hall in Cambridge. We attracted large and appreciative audiences both from the local region and from further afield: from all parts of the UK and even from abroad.

Whether you are a lover of Handel's music, or of opera in general, or a singer, or someone with an interest in opera production, we hope that you will find what you are looking for here.


The production of Atalanta on 30 April, 1, 3, and 4 May 2013 was the last production by Cambridge Handel Opera in its present form.  Andrew Jones, the founder and Music Director of Cambridge Handel Opera since 1985, had announced his intention to stand down after Atalanta.  Because it was not possible to find a new Music Director who would do the same work under the same conditions, the trustees decided that the Company in its present form should be wound up.  At some point in the future it might be possible to establish a new company with similar aims.  If you would like to be kept informed, please write an e-mail to Dr Judith S. Morgane at jsm@chog.co.uk.